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2009-08-17 22:49:18 by GlayWare

I have 'em.


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2009-08-26 06:28:23

But not all

GlayWare responds:

Indeed. Not all.


2009-09-07 19:26:38

bitch fuck you go bunr in hell no body gives a shit that you have fucking medals go suck a dick

GlayWare responds:

If you don't give a shit, then why bother commenting?
Oh? Is this because I told you to get off this website because you're under 13?
Very nice, Darth, very nice indeed.
Very very mature :).


2009-09-13 04:08:48

Yup. But I have more. Have fun.

GlayWare responds:

I see. I will catch up with you however.
...J-just not today, mmkay?
And thank you, I intend to haff fun.


2009-12-24 19:21:45

Yeah so what?