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Oh teh noes.

2009-09-19 17:50:26 by GlayWare

It's that time of year...
The time when your parents decide you did a feeble attempt at cleaning your room...
And decide to clean your room themselves.
Help. Me.


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2009-09-19 18:11:12 /512019


GlayWare responds:

It seems to have been blammed...
Also, I wouldn't be on this website if I were you.
11's too young to be on this website.


2009-10-15 21:45:41

Did they find your secret stash :D
Nah, I kid. Even if you did have those, you still won't be able to beat my record.

GlayWare responds:

Uh, stash of whats?
Theres alot of things that go under the category of "you-know-what".
And record of *what*?


2009-10-16 07:32:28

Idk man its to pressuring your fucked!

(Updated ) GlayWare responds:

It was actually a month ago, and they didn't.
But I have nothing to hide, so I wouldn't care if they did. I just felt like making a news post.


2009-12-10 11:53:01

Give up fourinone
i going to pass of you!

i need more 1500 points and i pass you
and you go cry to your mom!


2009-12-24 19:20:48

How can I help you? You live in New Zealand, I live in Florida.